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"Free Willy" last hopes for this year



(HEIMAEY - Iceland) - In a few weeks is going to finish the period in which the killer whales will begin the migration. Are going to vanish therefore, at least for this year, the hopes that Keiko, the killer whale protagonist of the film "Free Willy", can recommence to live in freedom with other whales (probably only being accepted from its similar could survive to the life in the open ocean). In truth some experts even doubt that Keiko will never succeed to return to the wild life, beeing by now completely accustomed to the life in captivity and the to the uman contact because of the long captivity (20 years). The plan for the liberation of Keiko already has cost from 1990 approximately $ 20.000.000 (for the most disbursed from private and associations) and to many people it seems a waste, because everything has been spend for a single animal could perhaps save many others. The most numerous attempts with which it has been attempted to put Keiko in contact with other wild killer whales, have given good result, since the animals have played, but inexorably when the boats of the biologist re-entered to the Keiko base it followed them towards that it considers own house evidently. 



New norms on navigation in order to save the whales


(USA) - The IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) have communicated that the Ship Strike Committee has published a relationship that dictates to new norms on navigations of the mercantile ships in the North Atlantic; stiff norms to safeguard the whales and in particular the Right Whales from the risk of collisions with the great ships that produce every year many dead whales (in fact only approximately 300 Right Whales survive). Those the rules: encircling the zones in which whales are swimming; reduction of the speed in the places that constitute their habitat; location of obligatory routes.



Whales on a beach food source



(LAGOS - Nigeria) - A blue whale has become one unexpected food source for the population of the suburbs of the greatest city of Nigeria (13 million inhabitants). Reporters that came in the beach has been introduced to a particular show; the whale dead was carefullied lay down on the shoreline and tens of persons with sticks and other tools were extracting pieces of fat meat of the animal. A ticket market was organized quite to pay for being able to watch and to take meat. It is believed that the whale is committee on the beach already died. For how much the death of a cetacean is always pain source, it is necessary to say that in this case it is served to feeding many persons beeing in a terrible state of poverty.



Humpback whale on a beach



(JOHANNESBURG - South Africa) - A 10 meters humpback whale gone on a beach on Sunday probably will be killed today, after the failure of the attempts of dragging to the wide sea by the volunteers (because of the big sea). Sandy Thackeray, the spokesman of the Bayworld oceanarium of the coastal city of Port Elizabeth, has said that. The whale of the estimated weight of 22 tons is too much large for being killed with an injection is believed therefore about killing her with the explosive. This type of solution is bloody but "its necessary for preserve her from the suffering" has said the spokesman.

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