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Il tuo attestato di qualitÓ

Operation "DELPHIS 2003"


We recommend all the sea and cetacean lovers, to take part (the next 20 of july) in the traditional meeting, which scopes and modality of development we share, organized by the italian association "Battibaleno".



The whale of Portovenere

ratified the treaty



After a rich whale-watching season the appearance of Bannibl¨ has made curious many tourists and experts.

Italy, at last, has ratified the birth of the international marine mammals mediterranean sea sanctuary. 




sighting cards

the cetaceans for me...



Take them with you in your sea tours, these will help you in recognizing cetaceans and signalling us your sightings.

In those pages we publish your poetry, researches, pictures and anything else you will send us about cetaceans. 




Forum and Guestbook area


23/04/2003 28 stranded pilot whales More
03/04/2003 440 minke whales killed More
10/02/2003 pigmy sperm whale rescued More
12/01/2003 "dolphin safe" label More
10/01/2003 159 stranded pilot whales in New Zeland More
27/12/2002 It's a Mesoplodon Pacificus More
15/10/2002 IWC one more vote for pro-whaling More
12/10/2002 After "Springer" let's help "Luna" More
11/10/2002 Keiko are you sure? More
30/09/2002 The whale of Portovenere More
03/09/2002 Whale kills fisherman More
21/08/2002 FLASH: Springer feels good !! More
30/07/2002 beached pilot whales More
28/07/2002 55 beached pilot whales More
21/07/2002 Trying to help Springer IV░ More
28/06/2002 Trying to help George More
28/06/2002 Japan starts the hunting season More
21/06/2002 Trying to help Springer III░ More
13/06/2002 Trying to help Springer II░ More
04/06/2002 Now we take up a definite position !! More
26/05/2002 Trying to help Springer More
25/05/2002 Report from the IWC reunion More
13/05/2002 Baby killer whale is sick More
10/05/2002 New IWC reunion More
10/04/2002 New species of whale More
26/03/2002 Baby killer whale More
23/03/2002 Marine toxin kills dolphins More
06/03/2002 Japan wants to resume importing whale meat More
02/03/2002 What to do with the baby Orca? More
16/02/2002 Baby Sperm Whale died More
04/02/2002 For Churchill $ 250.000 More
23/01/2002 14 beached Sperm Whales in Japan More
16/01/2002 Greenpeace new accusations to Japan More
20/12/2001 Contest of yacht in aid of the cetaceans More
04/11/2001 Sighted humpback whale in the Aegean Sea More
30/10/2001 Published on the G.U. the ratify ... More
16/10/2001 Young Pilot Whale on a beach More
15/10/2001 Hush! speaks le whales More
14/10/2001 Killer whale dies at the SeaWorld More
13/10/2001 Died the Pilot whales More
29/09/2001 Sanctuary, starting the "SIRENA 2001" More
28/09/2001 The sanctuary is a reality More
21/09/2001 "Churchills" could be died More
19/09/2001 New dowel on the evolution ... More
06/09/2001 "Eat the whales" More
03/09/2001 Killer whale in test-tube More
15/08/2001 Keiko last hopes ... More
11/08/2001 Secure sailing More
06/08/2001 Whale on a beach, food source More
06/08/2001 Dramatic episode for some whales More
31/07/2001 Orca detaches motor to a boat More
31/07/2001 Australia whale-watch imprudent More
30/07/2001 "Delphis 2001" report More
29/07/2001 "Free Willy" does not want the freedom More
28/07/2001 Fears for the resumption of the hunting More
25/07/2001 News from the reunion of the IWC More
25/07/2001 Is still tried to save "Churchill" More
25/07/2001 Humpback whale killed in a collision More
24/07/2001 Islanda wants to resume the hunting More
23/07/2001 Starts today the apex of the IWC More
23/07/2001 "2001 Delphis" count down More
19/07/2001 In Japan eats the whales More
18/07/2001 Japan buys the ballots for-hunting More
17/07/2001 On SAS no more whale products More
15/07/2001 Fight still in order to save the whale More
15/07/2001 Paper for the earth and the man More
28/06/2001 Failed the attempts of rescue More
23/06/2001 Starts the operation "clean sea" More
19/06/2001 Whale strangled with a net More
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