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Tomorrow will enter in vigor the ratify


(ROME - Italy) - Published today on the "Gazzetta Ufficiale" of the Italian Republic the law (n. 391 of the 11-10-2001) that ratifies the agreement for the creation of the "Sanctuary for marine mammalian" that had been underwrite from the Ministers of France, Italy and Principato di Monaco 25 November 1999. The Sanctuary and its objectives are now a reality.



Young Pilot Whale on a beach


(DAWLISH WARREN - South Devon - England) - A young pilot whale yesterday has gone on one long beach of the South Devon coasts. Along hardly 2.2 mt. it has been found from a man walking with his dog. The small ransom and the fact that was a little underweight indicate a premature separation from the mother, the weaning normally happen in fact when they catch up the dimension of 2.5 mt. approximately. The inspectors of the RSPCA have decided to suppress the animal for stopping ulterior suffering.



Hust! the Blue whale speak


(MONTEREY BAY - Usa) - Used from many years for military scopes, particular underwater probes for picking up faint sounds have been employed from the investigators of the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in order to listen to the noises of the Ocean. Earthquakes, waves and also animals produce multiple sounds that the investigators wants to record and to analyze with their most powerful hydrophones; in particular the cetaceans will be to the center of the attentions of the experts. They will use this technology above all in order to study the long migratory routes of the blue whales in order to try of opposing the feared extinction.  



Killer whale dies at the SeaWorld


(SAN DIEGO - California - Usa) -  Died, as a result of a pulmonary infection that from many weeks was giving torment to it, the killer whale of 25 years called Bjossa that lived to the SeaWorld di San Diego in California; it has said the spokesman of the park Bob Tucker, whom it has moreover marked like this was the first death in the marine park since 1990. The killer whale arrived at the park in April from the Aquarius of Vancouver already suffering before its arrival, and the antibiotics have not been able enought to save her. 



The nine Pilot Whale gone on a beach are going to die



(PANAMA HAT CITY BEACH - Healthy) - After the event happened some days before in an area of 8 miles on the island of Rosa Saint, seven of the nine Globicefali arrived on the beach are died. Three are died for disowned causes while the other four have been subjected to euthanasia. The others two have been subjected to antibiotic cures near the Gulf World Marine Park but their conditions are still serious. The experts say still more that after the beach arrive the possibilities are low to save the cetaceans, in this case, since after the sad event the Pilot Whale waved on the flanks and from that is deduced a fluid presence. As often it happens in occasion of collectives beach arrivals, on tuesdays tens of volunteers had been engaged in order to bathe the skin of the animals to preserve her fresh and humid.

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