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Killer whale detaches the motor to one small boat



(VICTORIA - Canada) - A strange episod has happened to three guilty fishermen of salmons having embezzled one quarry to one killer whale. One of the three was winding the fishing line very happy for the capture of a beautiful salmon, when it is shrewed not to be the only one expecting to the quarry; a killer whale in fact was aiming the fish. With a rapid movement the fisherman let the salmon jump into the boat without imagine that also the killer whale would have tried to make the same thing. After to have hit the small boat with some heads, much to make to detach the motor, the angered killer whale has received a sonorous beating (with the little fishing net) on the head this has been enough for persuading her to go away.



Australia wants new norms for whale watching


(ADELAIDE - Australia) - Has caused much impression in the public opinion the images of some tourists observing very close the body of a whale dead for natural causes that, transported from the currents near Cape Jervis, that had become the banquet of some large sharks. It seems that the curiosity and the rashness pushed them to jump over the whale (children comprised) very close from where the predators sank the teeth. The danger run from these reckless observators has seemed like excessive, so that the Minister for the Ambient of the south Australian State Iain Evans has asked the promulgation of adequate laws for prescribe the whale-watching fixing a minimal distance of 100 m within which to prohibit to the boats of approach to alive or dead whales. The normative asked would have the scope "protect the stupid persons in order to protect themselves". The officials of the police of the south Australia have communicated to have hauled the body of the whale outside from the habitual routes of the boats and having made it exploding for let it sink.



"Delphis 2001" report


(LIGURIA - Italy) - Many the sights completed from the occupants of the numerous boats that have partecipated yesterday to the operation Delphis 2001 by the Association Battibaleno in the waters of the Ligurian Sea in the the Cetacean Sanctuary. Many stenelle everywhere, three or perhaps four finners in front of San Remo, grampi in front of Genoa, turtles to Capo Mele, these "quarris" of a photographic hunting that has seen protagonists hundred of fans left from the ports of all the Liguria, from the Tuscany and even from the Sardinia; every boat scanning a part of the 110.000 squarekilometers of the Sanctuary.



"Free Willy" does not want the freedom



(REYKJAVIK - Iceland) - Keiko, the killer whale protagonist of the film "Free Willy" that few years ago let the public opinion know the possible effects of the captivity of the cetaceans, seems to refuse the attempt of reintroduce her in her natural ambient. It is attempted slowly of let her socializing with the groups of killer whales of the south of the Islanda, but beyond 60 travels in sea opened in 3 years they still do not seem of having persuaded her. The experts suppose that the fact of having passed the greater part of her life in captivity, could always have marked her. Every shipment in open sea was watched closely by a boat, but unfortunately the boat followed by the animal in the re-enter to the base. Jeff Foster, director of the operations, has asserted that until to hour she has tried herself of let her free in Islanda in order of maintaining the purity genetic (was captured here in 1979 when she had 2 years approximately), but given the sparsity of suitable structures she could herself be opted elsewhere for transferre (Ireland, Scozia). After the interpretation of the film in 1992 associations and persons asked for her liberation, but from 1998, year in which decided to listen to the public opinion, Keiko (than in Japanese means "lucky person") seems to have made "her choice".  



Fears for the resumption of the hunting of whales


(LONDON - England) - Finished the reunion of the international whale commission  go up the outcries of alarm from part of many organizations enviromentalists in particular the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) launch a strong message, calling the attention of the public opinion and not only, on the fact that the forehead for-hunting headed from Japan, Norway, Island and supported from many small Central American and Africans states, could not only, as it has happened,  stop the proposals of institution of the sanctuaries, but to arrive until putting in argument the end of the ban for the hunting of the cetaceans for commercial. Cassandra Phillips of the WWF (Wold Wide Fund for Natures) has said, that the behavior of Japan places in argument the same existence and credibility of the IWC. Strong perplexities have been expressed also from Greenpeace. Moreover the reunion of the next year of the IWC would be in Japan.



News from the anniversary reunion of the IWC


(LONDON - England) - The anniversary reunion of the international whale commission (IWC), in course from the 23 July (until the 27) in London, has triggered strongest controversies for the stop of the proposal advanced from Australia and New Zeland for the creation of two oasis of protection for the whales in the South Atlantic ocean and in the southern Pacific (than they would be due to add to the two already existing ones in the Indian ocean and the Antarctic one). In truth the stop was already in the air, already from many days, in fact, the two promoting countries had advanced the suspicion that Japan and Norway had literally bought the necessary ballots for the stop of the proposal. For the approval the majority of the 2/3 of the 37 countries with ballot right within IWC would have been necessary. The oases would have guaranteed to the just inner protection and survival of the cetaceans previewing the no hunting; prohibition that, in spite of the sanction to a world level by the moratorium in vigor from 1986 (that prohibits the killing of the whales for commercial scopes), too much often, says the enviromentalist associations, is gone around under the screen of the "scientific scopes" for which is admitted the capture of whales - of that it comes accused Japan - or quite ignored - of that it comes accused the Norway that never having ratified the moratorium has not resumed the hunting to the smaller finners from 1993 - (Japan using the legal stratagem of the hunting to scientific scope in the last year has hunted and killed more than 500 whales and others 655 have been killed in Norway). The forehead of the hunters headed by Japan and Norway (but formed also by Islanda, some caraibiche islands - Antigua, Barbuda, St. Vincent, Grenadines, St. Kitts, Nevis - and by countries that have strangely asked to re-enter to make part of the IWC like Senegal, Gabon, Panama and Morocco) suppose that the population of the whales is not at all to risk and moreover says that a prohibition to planetary level already exists not being necessary create another one. For the oasis in the southern Pacific twenty Countries have voted to favor, 13 against and four have been abstained. For that one of the southern Atlantic the favorable ballots have been 19, 13 those contrarys and the five abstentions. The proposals had been already stopped in an analogous voting the slid year. The seriousness of the stop is still more important if it is believed that very soon  it will be necessary to vote for renew of the two already existing reservoirs (the next year for the Indian Ocean one and in the 2004 for the Antarctic one). New Zeland and other states of the Pacific south in the days antecedents the ballot negative had threatened in forecast of the stop to give life unilaterally to sanctuaries in the own marine economic zones.



The attempts for saving the whale are going on


(HALIFAX - Nova Scotia) - The Right Whale called "Churchill" who fight with a large fishing line in the jaw has been sighted 130 km to the wide of Chebucto Head visibly is exhausted but it continues its seasonal migration towards waters of Canada. The experts are dumbfound from its resistance but they assert that it will not be able to last to along. Previous the five attempts of saving it have gone failed for problems to the equipment and the difficulty to calculate just the quantitative of sedative.

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Megattera killed in a collision



(ANCHORAGE - Alaska) - An humpback whale has been killed probably by a collision with a ship while she swam close to waters of the Alaska' s Glacier Bay National Park; the zone of sea theatre of the incident is subject to a strong naval traffic. The experts suppose that the whale, hit to the head, is died immediately. The boss of the park Tomie Lee has declared that it cannot be still said with certainty if the large blow that was looked at on the skillful side of the head of the animal has been made by the keel of one ship. Surveyings continue since the park possesses strict norms on navigation near the whales and on the communications of collisions with objects in sea. The whale, a female of 37 years known from biologist (from 1979) cause was marked (n. 68) had been object of numerous studies.



Island wants to resume the hunting of cetaceans


 (LONDON - England) - The Island has joined to Japan and Norway on the forehead of the favorable states to the resumption of the hunting to the whales for commercial scopes. The vicissitude of the Island is begun in 1992 when it has decided to abandon the IWC in order to protest against the remain of the no hunting. This year has asked to re-enter for adding to the alignment of the states "hunters" but its question has been object of furious controversies that have carried to vote the current members (19 have voted for re-enter like observer, 3 have been abstained and 16 have left the classroom the moment of the ballot); by now the Island will be able to participate to the reunions without ballot right.



Today starts the IWC reunion


(LONDON - England) - Begins today between many controversies the annual reunion of the IWC; arguments to the order of the day are the problem of the regulation of the hunting to the cetaceans for commercial scopes and the proposal for the institution of two international sanctuaries in which prohibiting the hunting to place in the Oceans Pacific and Atlantic (proposed moreover already been rejected the past year). The great new development of this year consists in a great completed effort from the historically contrary countries to the hunting which, aware of the fact that a mere prohibition would only carry to situations as that current one denounced from the associations enviromentalists in which Japan (under the screen of the scientific scopes) and Norway (against the moratorium of 1986) continue the hunting, have predisposed a processed plan for the numerical management of the population of the cetacei to world-wide level. Fundamental role in the processing of this plan has been carried out from Great Britain and Italy (with its representative Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara). To the base of the plan (called "Revised management scheme") it is the knowledge that for hour is nearly impossible to defeat the hunting "legal" so is necessary therefore through the processing of mathematical models to establish the quotas concurred discouragements in order not to put in danger the world-wide population of cetaceans already hardly tried from two centuries of indiscriminate hunting. Points key of the plan are: a) adoption of a mathematical model for calculate the quotas of hunting animals; b) registry of the Dna in order to control identity of the murdered whales and to contrast the illegal fishing; c) presence of international observatories on the fishing boat; d) scanning of the movements of the cetaceans. In truth the favorable forehead to the hunting seems in exchange for growing up with the income of new countries like the Islanda and with the presumed sale of ballots of the poor Countries aids to the development operated from Japan ("Observer"); the important proposed to which it has been pointed out seem therefore destined to be rejected.   



"Delphis 2001" count down


(LIGURIA - Italy) - Few days (just 6) to the beginning of the summer event of the Cetacean Sanctuary in the Ligurian Sea, attended from all the fans of marine sights. The 29 July, in fact, a pacific hunting of marine mammalian will be carried out in waters of the sanctuary to work of tens of floating whose occupants, instructed to earth on the sight techniques, will give to life one operation of large importance for the monitoring of the conditions of the Ligurian Sea and its inhabitants. Who wants to participate have to follow the norms of behavior indicated from the organizers of the Association Battibaleno, it will be also useful to give a glance on our site to the section fai da te.



In Japan whales eated


(LONDON - England) - The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) have confirmed what many said from years, the 500 whales that Japan can capture every year "for scientific scopes" goes in the markets and on the table of the Japanese. Examinee the DNA of 129 pieces of meat exposed to the commercialization the IFAW declares to have uncovered that sometimes are animals of which the hunting is prohibited even for scientific scopes like the Humpback whale.  



Japan buys the ballots for hunting


(AUSTRALIA) - Speaking to the microphones of the Australian tv ABC, the civil employee Maseyku Komatsu of the agency for the Japanese fishing has said that Tokyo uses aids for making pressure in order to obtain supports to its fight against the moratorium; not having a military force as United States or Australia Japan uses economic diplomacy and pressures. Explaining also that the smaller finners in sea are too many ("like beatles in the ocean") and go huntings. Tokyo takes to the distances refuting the existence of such pressures. But from years the adhesions at Iwc of Countries like Morocco, Panama hat and the Philippines, and their conduct, was seemed suspectable; are many countries in the IWC with ballot right within but deprived of a real political and economic weight (Antigua, Barbuda, St. Vincent, Grenadines, St. Kitts, Nevis) if compared to colossus which Japan. New Zeland speaks about true and own "corruption".



Stop to the transports of product made with whales


(NORWAY) - The Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS) and the Finnair has announced, joining therefore to other companies (approximately 20) that already had made it, by now they will refuse to transport on the own aircrafts whichever product that drifts from the working of the whales (mostly fat). The important announcement made from Trine Lovberg an officier of the company constitutes, beyond that a concrete obstacle to the commercialization of the same products, an ulterior sign of the crescent protection spirit of the whales who is developing itself in Norway.



Failed the fifth attempt to anesthetize the whale



(Chief Cod - USA) - Although the failure, until now, of the attempts of sedate the whale, that risks to die in the water of Chief Cod (Massachussets), the specialists of the NOAA and in particular Tery Frady, is not given for won asserting that all how much will be possible to make will be made, in order to save the rare Right whale that it continues to show, in spite of the infection that it has hit the jaw in which the fishing line has fitted, an admirable desire to fight. The main difficulties consist in the dosage of the sedative that for an animal of 50 tons is not easy to calculate; it is necessary in fact to inject a such amount from let her slowing down in order to allow to the scientists of go near and eliminate the cable but there is the risk that exceeding in the dosage is made to fall in a sleep that let her drown.   

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Signed the "paper for the earth and man"


(ARENZANO - Italy) - Arenzano protagonist of a strong symbolic gesture consisting in the signature by intellectual exponents of all the world (70 poets of 5 continents between which 2 prizes Nobel and 5 prizes Pulitzer) of the so-called paper for the earth and the man, a document that deals with environmental emergencies to planetary level, a strong look to the total ecology. Chosen times and places for the signature are not accidental, are intentional in fact, to few days from G8 of Genoa, to let think on the carried out fundamental role from economic high power; Arenzano has been choice in order to remember the disaster of the Haven, the ship oil tanker that sank 14 April 1991, flowed in the Ligurian Sea a big quantitative of crude oil. The poets have formulated twelve thesis to carry a correct attitude of the man in the comparisons of the nature.

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