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Pilot Whales beached


(DENNIS - Massachusetts) - For unknown reasons the pilot whales beached turned around and beached themselves again. Experts decided to euthanize 28 of them because after the third stranding the animals were too exhausted to swim back to open sea.

Now they will make everything possible for their safety.

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55 Pilot Whales beached


(DENNIS - Massachusetts) - 55 stranded pilot whales near Chapin Beach in Dennis in Monday helped by volunteers that poured water on their body also with sheets to regulate their body temperature. Nine of them has died on the hot beach and their body carcasses has been removed. 46 of them has been pushed back in the water of Cape Cod Bay, but sometimes in other similar cases they came back and beach themselves again.

So we only have to wait hoping for their survival. 



Trying to help Springer IV°


(TELEGRAPH COVE - British Columbia) - The Springer planned departure started in 13 of july. The baby killer whale was secured aboard a catamaran outfitted with a tank for the 350 miles journey to the northern of Vancouver island. The strangness of this operation is that in the other times in which killer whales has been transported it was made with captivity animals, in this case Springer had to be reunited with her pod in wild. Springer is wearing a VHF radio tag for monitoring her movements. Now Springer (also called A-73) released in sunday is in her waters and has been seen swimming behind the group of A clan. Springer became very excited, very vocal, very animated and is going to reintroduce herself to her pod.  

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