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In the catacean sanctuary is going to start the operation "SIRENA 2001"


(Liguria - Italy) - Since today until to 7 October two ships (named "Alliance" and "Manning ") of the center of searches of the NATO SACLANTCEN of La Spezia, and one of the Hydrographical institute of the Italian Navy (the "Magnaghi"), with an important formation of international investigators, will carry out experiments and observations in order to study the behavior of the cetaceans that are subordinates to the sonorous waves provoked from the Sonar. These  instruments used a lot in navigation, in fact, are suspected to cause disturb to the guideline of the cetaceans; it is believed in fact that many whales dead on beach, can have been caused by the interferences that these instruments would provoke in the sonar natural of the cetaceans. In particular the most suspected are the most powerful military sonar LFAS (Low Frequency Active Sonar). Objective of the search is to diminish the impact on the marine ambient of essential instruments like the sonar (risk mitigation policy).  



Italy has ratified the agreement for the birth of the cetacean sanctuary


(ROME - Italy) - The staff greets with joy the news of ratifies by the Italian State of the agreement for the birth of the Sanctuary of marine mammalian of the Mediterranean (Principato di Monaco and France had already ratified it in the 2000). The law of ratifies, approved by the House of reprensentative today, after to have been already approved of in Senate to March of this year, will be operating from the end of October and will provide the prohibition of competitions for motor boats (our friends  - dolphins and whales- will be able therefore to swim calmer, without to have the fear of the deafening noise provoked from the useless boats).  



"Churchill" could be died



(BOSTON - Massachusetts) - A spokesman of the New England Aquarium has declared that the traces of the Right Whale, that from june fight with the dead, have gotten lost. Our staff has followed with attention and trepidation the slow agony of the good giant with numerous news flash on the attempts of rescue unfortunately failed. The presumed death of the animal goes to shrink still more the already meager boreal right whale number (estimated in approximately 300/350) that are surviving to the extermination caused by men not so long time ago. The last sights have happened 400 miles to the wide of the coasts of the New Jersey where the sea is deep 15.000 feet. The spokesman of the Aquarius Tony LaCasse has said that the emitter that had been applied is dumb from the 16 september and that therefore the animal could be died and be sunk therefore to prevent the transmission of the apparatus. The last overflight of Churchill had evidenced one critical condition; esteem had gotten lost 20 tons of weight for the impossibility of eating regularly and its coloration was much clearest of the normal. The dead whale have been caused probably from the infection that was visible on the jaw, where the cable were run into, and on the airhole. The six attempts tried from the rescuers are not served to save the whale that has demonstrated an incredible force and resistance you have to think that in june it weighed approximately 50 tons and lately had nearly halved the weight. When we give the news of the dead of a cetacean we are given pain, in this case still more since the history than Churchill has affected our staff therefore like the entire world.   

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New uncovered dowel in the evolution of the cetaceans


Immunological Tests, in the years 50, and more recently examinations of the DNA, have carried to believe the studious that the cetaceans have evolved approximately 60 million years ago from quadruped mammals tight relatives of the modern ones ungulates such as hippos pigs and horses, but by now not so many fossils to demonstrate this parentale were found; tests that, would have been found in two various earnests of Pakistan. Hans Thewissen of the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicines in Rootstown has reconstructed the skeleton of a quadruped of 50 million years ago whose boneses have been found in the east north of Pakistan just in the zone of the Punjab and has seen published just the reserch on the review "Natures". Philip Gingerich university professor of geology and paleontology at the University of Michigan has in its turn published the own searches on "Science" declaring to have found two skeletons of different species from that one found from the colleague and datable around to 47 million years ago recovered in the south the west of Pakistan (just in the Balochistan). In both cases the skeletons refer to animals that seem to have legacies in one side with the whales and on the other side with ungulates. Who says that the modern ungulates are herbivorous while the cetaceans are carnivorous, Gingerich answers that the modern ungulates are mostly herbivorous but sometimes eats themselves also of meat (it says that the hippos sometimes eat gazelle that are pushed too much close to the water pools).



"Eat the whales"


(VANCOUVER - Canada) - This week in Vancouver are appeared some manifestos representing a chichen and a horse that composes the written " Eat the whales "; the provocative campaign promoted from PETA group (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has the scope of sensitize the public opinion so that it fights the killing of whichever animal. The spokesman of the campaign (Andrew Butler), has said itself contrary to the killing of the whales, has declared to have the intention of induce people to reflect on the many cruel killings of animals caused from the man.  



Killer whale in test-tube



(SAINT DIEGO - California) - It's born in the marine park of Sea World of San Diego the first killer whale conceived with the artificial way. The spokesman of the park Darla Davis has communicated that the mother, a killer whale of 25 years named Kasatka, after 17 months of pregnancy has give the birth to a small hung approximately 350 pound and measure 7 feet. The affection and the premure of the mother have manifested in helping the baby to make the first breaths and to swim close to the surface of the swimming pool. The birth of the baby of the killer whale, conceived after this artificial way, is the result of the research of 12 years made by Dr. Todd Robeck of the San Antonio Sea World .

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